Zoom Whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening in Bilaspur

Zoom Whitening

You will look good and feel great with a brighter smile in less than an hour. Zoom teeth whitening is quick and effective. If your teeth are discolored by cigarettes age coffee or medications teeth whitening is a cost-effective way of remedying these problems.

Did you fail the tissue test would you smile more if your teeth were whiter at Rai Dental Clinic, you can stop in and have your teeth whitened in 15 45 minutes or we have at home kits that can allow you to do it on your own. You will be stunned at how affordable and simple Zoom teeth whitening can be.

Should I Get My Teeth Whitened?

Here are some events or occasions our patients prefer to get Zoom teeth whitening:

  • Wedding
  • Graduation
  • Interview
  • Anniversary
  • Speech
  • Class reunion
  • Anytime

What To Expect From Zoom Teeth Whitening

When you have an appointment with our family dentist we will assess your oral health to determine if your teeth are healthy enough for teeth whitening. Any gum disease worn enamel cavities or sensitive gums will need to be addressed before teeth whitening. After your cleared of any problems from the dentist the following steps will be taken for teeth whitening:

1.Your teeth will be disinfected and polished before the whitening gel is applied.

2.Your lips will be protected with a specialty lip balm to avoid irritation.

3.A retractor is placed into the mouth to support and pull back your lips to expose your teeth.

4.After you will chomp down and relax your tongue on a cup that was placed into the mouth with the retractor.

5.You will be given a shade guide to establish what shade of white you want your smile to be. A before photo will be taken guazed will be placed inside your mouth a bib will cover your face and you will have protective eyewear to ensure that only the areas exposed are the areas where whitening solution has been applied.

6.A protective solution will then be applied to your gums and teeth.

7.Whitening solution is then brushed on to the teeth.

A certified Zoom whitening dentist will use a specialized laser light to shine on your teeth to activate the whitening solution. This routinely takes about 15 minutes so the dentist can examine your teeth though the process reapply whitening gel and wipe away any excess to ensure your gums will not be irritated. This process is repeated until you are satisfied with the brightness and shade of white is the desired shade you wanted.

After the process is over and you are satisfied with the shade of color the dentist will wipe away the residual gel extract the gauze and extract the retractor and cut so that you can rinse your mouth. We then apply a finishing product and take an after picture so that you can observe the change before and after the teeth whitening procedure.

How To Whiten Your Teeth At Home

Zoom whitening kit is the only professional whitening kit designed for in home use. A unique mix of amorphous calcium phosphate fluoride and potassium nitrate. This helps minimize sensitivity and improve the luster for improved results. Zoom kits can be used while you sleep or can be used in short daytime sessions.

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